About Karo – Muya Yoga

My personal journey has been about balancing energies, movement patterns, and nature elements. YOGA helped me to return to MYSELF and to find the HARMONY.

Intuitively, I have always been drawn to Nature and to rituals.
I spent most of my childhood in nature, swimming in lakes, jumping on rocks, walking barefoot, picking herbs with my great-grandmother, rescuing frogs, hugging the dog – I felt the meditation in movement, the importance of breath, the connection of body and heart sensitivity.
Then I got a little forgetful in the scattered emotional spaces of the world. In order to begin my journey to healing and sharing the power of mind-body practices to help others return to themselves.

I became an Aerial Yoga teacher in 2014 (thank you Australia!), which opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of teaching paths, energies, and movement combinations. In 2017 I graduated from Yoga Teacher Training with Rocky Heron, in 2018 Vinyasa Teacher Training and I consciously follow the Yogamazé Teacher Training and YCBA Yoga Circle Berlin training path.

I have completed many other specialized trainings such as Yoga Detour Method, Therapeutic Yoga, Somatics Movement, and many others. I love both: being a student and a teacher.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best teachers. Thank you YCBA YogaCircle Berlin, Rocky Heron thank you Noah Mazé, and everyone involved. The teachings helped me immensely and allowed me to pass them along to others in return. I believe that energies do not meet by mere coincidence.

Each day is a new opportunity for exploration, growth, and introspection – it inspires me to be a better person and a better teacher.

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